Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh don't get me wrong on the title, I've been silently practicing the combos provided in the cheats. Ah that's more like it. Oh I'm talking about the tekken 5 game which I have in my PSP. Josh gave me his old one since he just bought a new one, he wanted a white. Yay! I don't need to line up anymore and wait for my turn to use the PSP which sometimes takes me until the following day. Anyways, I am challenging myself to memorize the combos, because I lost to hubs when we played at Timezone yesterday. I can't accept it, coz normally I win over him. Although we played Tekken 6 I want to get used to the buttons so I played Tekken 5. I will go surf for cheats and memorize them one by one, so the next time I'll play with the hubs, I'll beat him, like NO MERCY!


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