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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I was browsing a mommy blog (I forgot the url of the blog, since I am fond of bloghopping) a few weeks ago, and I got curious over one of her wish lists. She was talking so much about this car seat that she wants to have, only to find out that it was one of the Britax car seats. Curiosity got into me again, so I went to their website to check. Hhmm, now I know the reason why she wants to have one. I went over the specifications of this car seat that caught my attention and I was impressed. Honestly, with the two kids I have, I never used a car seat. First it was not a law here in our country to use car seats when travelling with babies in the car. I know I placed my babies at risk, I should have known better. And not only that, babies are more comfortable lying in a car seat. And it's not a joke carrying the baby in your arms the whole duration of the trip. Good thing nothing happened to my babies during those times, and I thank God for it. Anyway, going back to the car seat, I saw in their website that it is approved for aircraft use. Again this is new to me. I've been travelling at least once a year and there was never a time I saw a Mommy carrying a car seat. This is actually a wonderful idea, it will give both the Mom and the baby the rest they need while travelling.


Ashley 2:21 PM  

Over the years, car seats have grown to be more popular. Parents have taken caution and have recognized their importance.

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