A Great Christmas Present

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Uh oh, Christmas is just a few weeks away and I haven't done any shopping yet. Poor me! A lot of things (important) came up lately and I just had to help some of my relatives get it over and done with. Finally it's done and I can now take care of my shopping list. Goodness, my kids haven't handed me their list yet, I'm sure there will be lots. Every year it seems like the list is growing, must be added friends huh. Anyway, I have a lot of ideas to give as presents to my godchildren for Christmas and this includes probably NFL Jerseys. I'm sure my nephew will be glad to have it for Christmas. The people here are not big fans of this I think so I may have to scratch the idea. Or maybe I can start introducing them to football or something. What do you think? It would make great presents and the kids would look good in it. I wonder if my son would be happy to get one. He's not actually a fan of football, he's more of a basketball fan, but who knows? I actually find it nice seeing kids wear sports uniforms, football in particular. I love the style, I can wear one too you know. I'm not a hip and cool Mom for nothing, haha.


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