The Makeup Artist in Me

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I was requested by my MIL to do the makeup of the bride who is her neighbor. The bride actually worked for us in our 1-hr photo developing some years back. That's the reason why I was excited and very willing...just returning the favor if I may say. I actually didn't have second thoughts when my MIL informed me, in fact I was very excited to do her makeup. This is not the first time my MIL requested me to do someone's makeup. My first "client" was a contestant in a singing contest, and she won first place. Well not because I made her prettier, but because she had a beautiful voice, LOL. I think I am made to do hair and makeup for free. Yep I didn't charge them ^_^. Anyways, can this be the start of a new career? The hubs says NO WAY. With this I will continue to do it for free then! I was not only the makeup artist for that day, I was the unofficial photographer too.


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