Soy Candles, Anyone?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As much as possible, I'd like to go all natural in my household. Since the husband is fond of lighting candles in our room, I'm taking a look at these Soy Candles. I am not really familiar with it, but based on what I read it can last like 3 times longer than the ordinary candles we have at home. I also read that it burns cleaner. Hhmm, maybe I should stock on these kind of candle as there are wholesale soy candles available, of course at a much lower price since you are getting by bulk. Nowadays a lot of us are thinking of ways on how to save money. Every single centavo counts and we have to be wise in the kind of spendings that we do.

I am hoping to see soy votives in the parties we go to, or whenever we have wedding coverages. I think everyone is now aware of the benefits of using soy wax.


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