Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yesterday I went to buy some chicken nuggets at the nearby foodie shop. I did that after I fetched my son in school. Anyway, when I was about to start the car, I was wondering why I was holding on to some money, more than what my change should be. So I went back inside the store and returned the excess change. When I got to the car, my son asked why I had to do it. I told him that I was aware that I was given more than I should get as change and it was cheating if I didn't return it. And he said something like, "oh Mom it will return to you a hundred fold." That wasn't what I had in mind actually when I returned what was not mine. I didn't like to cheat.

Anyway while I was in front of the computer reading my mails, I got so happy that I blurted out a gasp. Both my children looked at me surprised. I told them that I was just extremely happy because I had a lot of writing jobs to finish. And my son suddenly said, "Hey Mom, that is the hundred fold from the One hundred pesos." I praise God for that testimony. My son saw first hand the rewards of being honest and true.


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