Long or Short

Monday, March 15, 2010

I miss having long hair and what do you know? Instant long hair. I actually had a hard time deciding whether to get it or not. My first concern was the color. My hair color is now dark brown, it's a bit dark for the brown extension and a bit light for the black extension. I was thinking of coloring my hair light brown, but then again even if how much I want it, it just can't be. I'm using henna and I learned that once you use henna it's hard to change the color anymore, unless you bleach it. Well I don't want to go to that extent anymore, it's just too harsh for my hair at the moment. Second, I was thinking that it would be too obvious with the length of my hair now and the cut is too straight. I think hair extensions wouldn't be so obvious if you have layered hair. Hhmm, those two didn't stop me from buying plus the fact that everyone was saying, "Oh it fits you!" They sounded so convincing so I ended up buying it. It's human hair by the way, you can use it straight or you can curl it. That's the beauty of using human hair.


Willa 10:00 AM  

Aganda mo sister! I really admire and envy you the way you take good care of yourself physically.

*MrsMartinez* 11:22 PM  

I like the shorts you are wearing! cool!

HiPnCooLMoMMa 10:28 AM  

@Mrs. Martinez: bought that on sale, P250 at 168 Divisoria ^_^

natalie 6:33 AM  

you look great!!!

natalie 6:34 AM  

it's shiela here. my daughter logged in :)

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