Gold Vs. Silver

Friday, May 21, 2010

SIL invited me to go with her to Gold's Gym one time. Honestly I love the place, a far cry from the gym I go to. For one, the ambiance is really nice, the a/c is working fine, in fact you don't feel like it's 37 outside, the gym does not have a foul smelling odor, no foul smelling odor, oh did I just say foul smelling odor? Yeah, ours does not have a pleasing smell, smells like body odor when you go inside and it makes me barf. Seriously I don't breathe when I enter, as much as possible I run going to the dance studio. Nope the nose is still not immune at this time, I don't think it will. But once inside the dance hall, you feel like you're in another planet, you don't smell those men (pardon me but majority are men in different nationalities).

I was this close to accepting SIL's invitation. But when I think about the distance, this makes me think twice. You see my gym now is just a 5-minute drive from our house, while Gold's Gym is about 20-30 minutes depending on the traffic. Gold's Gym is situated in an area where there are lots of restaurants, and a few minutes away from the mall. This means that I might be spending more not only on gas but on food and what not. This is what made me decide to stick to my old gym. I will just bring a laundry clip to put on my nose to avoid the bad smell.


ace 7:17 PM  

lol @ smelly guys! it's true, though. this is also why i'm too scared to even set foot on a gym. :D

*MrsMartinez* 1:19 PM  

this is a funny post lol
how can you stand a smelly gym. in this age, there are gyms sprouting everywhere lol
go find yourself a new gym hehe

HiPnCooLMoMMa 5:43 PM  

@Mrs. Martinez: mga 10 seconds lang na tigil hinga sabay takbo, ok na yan

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