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Friday, May 28, 2010

We've moved three times already since I got married. All these times I didn't hire a professional mover. We did it ourselves and I tell you, it's a wonderful experience NOT! I remember having sleepless nights all because I wanted to finish the work. There was tension everywhere in the house. I was always mad and even the littlest thing would make me mad. That's probably because I was too tired from all the packing. I didn't have a system these professional movers have. Do you know the reason why I didn't hire a mover? I thought it was expensive. Initially it would appear like it is based on the figures that you will see. But just like me after every move, after the computations and all, it appeared that hiring a mover is just a little bit expensive. But I tell you, the amount that you save is not worth the hassle, the tension that you'll encounter once you do the moving yourself. Not only that, there's a chance that some things get broken. Of course when you hire movers, they pack it in moving boxes specifically designed to secure things. When we do the moving ourselves, we just get some boxes and stuff everything until it's filled. We all know that that is not the way things should be done. This is the reason why accidents happen along the way. It's really different when a professional is doing it. They have all the experience needed plus they get your stuff packed and delivered safely to your new home.


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