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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Analog Soul designs for Yo!Noy campaign

‘Yo!’ by definition is a slang word used as a greeting or to call somebody’s attention. Yo!Noy! is doing just that: calling out to people. What a way to make themselves more heard than with wearing their expressions! The group partnered with retail clothing brand Analog Soul to do just that.

Analog Soul is a Filipino retail clothing and accessories company that embraces the creativity and eclectic side of the generation today. It prides itself in having a brand that provides customers as well as the artists an avenue to express themselves. This time, through their partnership with Yo!Noy, it has allowed its brand to be a vehicle of expression of the group.

Yo!Noy or Youth for Noy is a group set up by the younger generation of the Aquino family, headed by Bam Aquino, Jonty Cruz, and other youth leaders. It is an umbrella organization for youth groups across the nation to support and campaign for Senator NoyNoy Aquino. The founders consider the name as the best way to not only distinctly associate themselves with the youth, but to show that they are standing up, speaking up, and showing their support.

How does Analog Soul fit in all this?

“Analog Soul is one of the finest youth brands out today. We tapped their help as part of our goal to spread awareness. We asked the retail clothing brand to design and sell shirts centering on Yo!Noy and Senator Aquino,” starts Jonty Cruz, one of the Yo!Noy’s founders.

Migs Naguiat, Analog Soul owner, narrates, “Our partnership came about when we did a collaboration between the Benigno Aquino Foundation with IAmNinoy and IAmCory movement. Yo!Noy asked us to create a design for the youth campaign for their ‘Tito Noy’ that is in Analog Soul style.”

“Analog Soul prides itself in being an advocate of expression especially for the youth. We support the young generation to be vocal and exercise their voices, making them heard. With the election coming up, and with the initiatives of Yo!Noy, it is only evident that youth now have their “say” in what’s happening. Whether we go for a certain candidate or the other, as long as we have an opinion and we will exercise our right as members of society – that is what we hope to achieve,” Naguiat emphasized.

When you hit the stores, you will see that there are two designs that resulted from this partnership. Both were developed by Naguiat’s colleague and co-owner Paolo Lim. Who would not recognize the laban sign and the yellow ribbon? Both have become to be symbols of passion and action that are now etched into the psyche of the Filipinos. Analog Soul only gave it a youthful twist to fit Yo!Noy’s personality and the campaign. From the modern laban sign which clearly evokes the spirit of EDSA and the passion we, Filipinos, all have, and the excellent typography design of Senator Aquino’s image that just inspires action, the designs of Analog Soul really hit the mark.

Collaboration – this is how Cruz sees it. “Everyone at Analog Soul gave it their all. They listened and took in our inputs and comments, but the final output was more than we could have expected! They were nothing short of amazing,” he shared.

All Yo!Noy Analog Soul shirts are available in Analog Stores at Archeology, Rockwell Center, at the Ramp (Glorietta 4), and Trinoma. For more information on Analog Soul and visit Analog Soul at

About Analog Soul:

ANALOG SOUL is an apparel company that believes that sensing one’s reality – seeing, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling- is truly the way to live. Their shirts try to capture one’s expressions and emotions, striving to come up with creative, evocative, and eclectic designs that match their customer’s unique and meaningful lifestyles. Visit

About Yo!Noy

Youth for Noy or Yo! Noy is a group that believes in promoting youth engagement in the political process. Yo!Noy is made up of students, community youth, youth leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals who believe that the coming elections is an opportunity to effect real change in the government. The group strives to increase public awareness on the value of the elections in determining our future and the future of the nation.


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