Maalox for the Face

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Milk of Magnesia is not available here. What's milk of magnesia for you ask? Oh I have very oily facial skin, it's not even combination skin. I've been in constant search for something that will at least lessen if not eliminate the oiliness. It's really embarrassing going out with all those shine as if you can do sunny side up in my face. Yeah I am not kidding. So in my constant search for remedy, I read that Milk of Magnesia can do wonders. Since we do not have it here, someone suggested that Maalox is fine. It can be a very good substitute. I'm not sure about the Aluminum Hydroxide though, what harm it can do to my face but then again Maalox is taken orally and it didn't do anything to the system. Well that's just me. I already tried applying it to my face and indeed it worked. I haven't tried it with foundation though coz they say it makes a very good face primer. I'll try it sometime and I'll let you guys know.


Leigh 12:43 AM  

It's also good for diaper rash, just dab it on with a cotton ball.

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