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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Do you believe that buying gold is a wise investment? I do! This is not the first time I've heard of it, a couple of my friends say this too. You see I have a lot of Chinese friends, my father-in law is pure Chinese and they all say one thing, invest in gold. I have an idea too why it's really wise to invest in gold. I am familiar with the price of gold ever since I can remember. I used to accompany my sister to this jewelry place because that was her business. More or less the price of gold is about the same even when it's in bullion form. I've closely monitored it and based on experience, the price has never gone down. This is what my FIL says too. A friend of mine used to buy gold bullion and when the time came she needed the money she didn't hesitate to use it. To her surprise the value tripled and she was really happy about it. There was more than enough to cover her needs. I also remember helping a friend dispose her gold. If you think it's hard to dispose it in the future, you are so wrong.


Anonymous,  1:15 AM  

I personally think Gold is overrated as an investment just my opinion

蕙帆ElmoAc 3:11 PM  
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家淑AnjaN_Lav 2:45 AM  
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