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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What do you notice first when you enter a room? Is it the color of the wall, the painting, the rug, the furniture? Someone told me that you don't really get to appreciate all those I've mentioned if the room is poorly lit. Home Lighting plays a major role in making the room beautiful. Ever since I heard that, it's the first thing I take notice whenever I enter the room. It makes or breaks the ambiance if I may say. No wonder the husband became very particular with the lighting when we were constructing the house where we are staying in right now. He did the layout and picked the Light Fixtures too. I can't complain because he knows what he was doing. I can't call him an expert when it comes to lighting yet, but yeah he did good. We've been complimented a lot of times especially with his choice of Indoor Lighting. He'd always remind me of his work, it was like telling me see I did well. I know is all I could answer. He thinks that I have no faith in him when it comes to lighting because I was insisting to have it done by someone else. Good thing he insisted to take care of it, at least we were able to save by not paying on someone else's service.


Anonymous,  2:32 AM  

I agree that home lightening is an important aspect of home decor. I do like decorating with indoor pendant lightening. In a tight corner limited on space and nice little reading nook can be made by using pendant lightening.

zezebel 3:04 PM  

At my workplace, I will on all the light in my house. Afraid being alone at that home.

HiPnCooLMoMMa 2:48 PM  

Z i can imagine, i am scared of the dark too especially if the places looks haunted or something

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