I'm Proud of my SUV

Friday, August 27, 2010

My car turns a lot of heads when it's out on the streets. I think it's the graffiti that was placed that makes it look cute and attractive. I'm proud to say that you will never see anything like it on the streets. You can find a lot of the same model roaming the streets of the metro but nothing like my car. I do not claim the credits since I was not the one who dress it up. It was actually the husband because he entered it in a car show. There were a lot of nice cars there too, and mine never failed to attract attention. There was also one thing that attracted my attention while I was at the car show. I love the chrome rims that I saw there. I don't really know why the husband did not choose that kind of rim for my car. Maybe he thinks that it does not really go with the look. But if I were to choose, I'd probably pick one of those I've seen online. It's really looks cool and the style is one of a kind. But yes I admit, it does not fit my small SUV. If I had a sedan, then probably the husband would suggest it.


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