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Monday, August 02, 2010

It took a lot of convincing before I made an appointment with the insurance broker. Well that scenario happened some five years ago. I really didn't believe in any form of insurance and that explains why it took time before I finally said yes to the broker. That's not the case right now since I am now reaping the fruits of that meeting. Nope nobody died in the family. As you are aware of, there are now many forms for insurance. It used to be only life many many years ago, but now, name it there is some sort of insurance for everything including income protection. You guys should seriously think about this. This would really be of big help in case something happens to you that will not allow you to work. They cover like 75 percent of your income so life goes on. Can you imagine yourself penniless after something happens? What is it going to be like when you can no longer work because of some disability? Have you ever though about this? If only this is being offered here in our country, then I know a lot of people will be getting this type of insurance.


Zezebel 7:31 PM  

Hi girlie.
In Malaysia we have Employee Providend Fund. Almost the same thing as what you mention in here.

deejay 11:05 AM  

nice sharing on security but i have not done it in my whole life.

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