Volume Rebonding

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Ish and I decided to have our hair rebonded. Mine really depends on what the hairstylist will say. If he gives the go signal that I can have my hair rebonded, then I'd gladly do it, if not I won't insist. We went to Tony and Jackey at NS Amoranto and they suggested it's better if we go for volume rebonding. Their reason, the length of our hair would be better off if they do volume rebond so that it doesn't fly away. We opted for L'oreal instead of the korean medicine since we feel that we own the most abused hair. We'd like to be careful so that no further damage will happen. So far so good. I still don't know the outcome since I haven't shampooed my hair. You see when you have your hair rebonded, you are not allowed to wet your hair for two days so that the effect would be nice. I really don't know what will happen if you do.

I'll post a picture soon, I couldn't do it now since I look like a mess without washing my hair.


Vera 6:12 PM  

I've been thinking about getting my hair rebonded. How much did it cost? I imagine Tony and Jackey must be expensive!

Zezebel 10:48 PM  

Never rebonded my hair yet. I afraid my hair will get damaged by that rebonding hair machine.

Anonymous,  10:41 PM  

how did it cost to have your rebond at T&J NS> Amoranto? do they have a promo?

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