Cabinet Door Project

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Up until now I am still fond of reading Home magazines. It's probably because I am not yet satisfied with the interior of our home. I can't do much really because of limited funds, if you know what I mean. I still have 2 kids in school and they are our priority. Anyway, it's a good thing that I was able to make sure that everything we liked was followed when we were building this house where we are staying now. To start off, I made sure that this was the kind of kitchen cabinet doors used. Like I always mentioned, I had a hand at designing my kitchen. I wasn't doing anything but leaf through pages of home magazine just to put together the kitchen design that I want. I also had a hand at all our cabinet doors. I am really very thankful that these details were all followed. Others may think that I was being too much, but then again it's us staying in this house. I bet you'd do the same thing too. It's suppose to be a dream house so make it happen. Do you agree? Ok on with the story. I just want to let you know that I also picked unfinished cabinet doors. Unfinished simply because we had to do the varnish and stuff. We also wanted this particular color and particular finish. Everything turned out the way we wanted.


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