My Louboutin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a pre-owned Christian Louboutin and yes I own it. I bought it from a thrift shop (ok i'm making it sound "sosyal"), your guess is right it's from ukay-ukay in Bambang! I'm lucky, right? Or are you just jealous? No I am not ashamed, I admit I can't afford a brand new Louboutin but it's nothing like I'm gonna die if I don't have one. I wasn't really planning on buying, but I saw it, in mint condition and I couldn't resist. So there, I'm a second hand owner of a Christian Louboutin, and yes it's authentic. I am a lucky girl, just be happy for me, OK?

And I had another purchase, yeah thrifted too...


kri,  11:32 AM  

I am happy for you! That color will elongate your legs!! Yay for pre-owned items! It looks like the owner took care of the shoes very well!!

HiPnCooLMoMMa 9:57 PM  

yes Kri! When i saw it i fell in love with it. as i said i didn't have plans of buying talaga, but how can you resist that?

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