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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ok this is odd. I never really knew that men could be so particular about their underwear too. I thought it was just us, women. Or I guess I am just the one who thinks that they are not. You can't blame me because the man I married is not really particular and he leaves it up to me to purchase his underwear and all the things he needs actually. Oh I just remembered, I didn't buy his jockstraps because I don't have any idea what size I should get for him. Just a bit of information, they used to call jockstraps supporter. The husband needed it when he was still going to the gym. I think it's very important for men to be wearing this because it gives support and protection too. I wonder if my son would request me to buy such thing. For now not yet, because he is not into physical activities, no sports for him. But I'd like him to go into one so that he will lose weight. Last night we were talking and he mentioned that he wants to lose weight. I think I will enroll him in some package that will help him lose weight. Anyway going back to our topic, I can't imagine the husband wearing mens thongs, or any man for that matter. Again I thought women only wear thongs. Arrrggghh I should expose myself more, I'm so square! Or I should learn more about men and their whims. Agree?


Zezebel 7:41 AM  

I also don't know anything about this Girlie. Thanks for the tips.

PS: I am also busy and cannot go to your blogs for the past 2 weeks. Sorry.

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