How Much Do I Weigh?

Monday, November 08, 2010

We love to weigh. We weigh to see if we gained or lost. I think I need to change the weighing scale we have at home, it's vintage. I want something digital so that we won't have a hard time trying to figure how much we weigh. I found one that I really like from these digital weight scales which I saw online. Good thing it is affordable. I'm also choosing the one that has the auto on function and one that has a large easy to read LCD display. I bet my little big boy will be happy with my decision since he always has a hard time figuring out how much he weighs.


BudmanB 2:30 PM  

If you want to be serious on weight... then get the digital scales...weigh once in the morning every mornimg...walk for 1 hour each day at a quick pace...
eat meals in smaller portions.. always have a good on weights 1 hour twice per week...
do leg lifts lying on your back.... keep this up and make it part of your life...I did... started Nov.17 th 2009 weighted 219lbs now I weigh 176 a year later... there are no short cuts... do it now ...and oh by the way...i am 59 years old... start now excuses... come see my blod at BudmanB

BudmanB 5:01 AM  

I appreciated you visiting my site, it would be nice to have you as a follower, if you like??
However, i would like to get a commitment from you to change your life and work on your weight... I notice
some of your pictures and you are a beautiful woman...
As we age our bodies change, but doesn't mean you can't stay in it prevents a lot of health issues that could come our way... bottom line at least promise me and then yourself that you are going to start now...with working on your weight...
In three months I would like to see you in one of your bellly dancing outfits.... let me know your excuses!!!

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