What's Your Ideal Weight?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Why are women body conscious? You can count with your fingers those ones who are fat and very comfortable with their weight. Most fat women want to lose weight, even those who are not still want to lose weight. I think us women won't stop until we reach our desired weight, a weight where we think we'd look nice. How do we achieve it? Some women resort to diet pills right away. Some go on diet coupled with exercise. How about you? How do you go about it? Do you also get frustrated when nothing is happening to your weight despite the effort? I hope I am not alone in this coz I really get frustrated.


Jessica Cotton,  9:09 PM  

I stopped stressing over my weight a long time ago and the funny thing is that once I stopped stressing over it I lost more weight easily I guess cuz I was less stressed and also started to lift weights to help me build muscle fast and NO...

I didn't get big like a guy or anything and building the muscle mass actually help me lean out more so overall...

dont stress and you'll look better - LOL

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