So Who's Getting Married?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know of some people who are getting married early next year. As early as now, they are already preparing. I know, you'll say it's too early. But didn't you know that it is the trend nowadays to really prepare early, like a year in advance? Yeah that's how it is contrary to my preparation of six months when I got married. There are a lot of changes happening too that made me think, I should have gotten married this year. Anyway, I am just wondering if the couples I know have chosen their Wedding Bands already. I probably have to ask them the next time I see them. I will mention to them that I found this website called They have awesome looking wedding bands that are customizable. I myself would choose a customizable one too, of course according to what I desire.

Anyway since I mentioned this site that I found online, let me share with you that they have a wide array of Engagement Rings to choose from. I went through some of it and I was salivating, you know what that means already, right? Hhhmmm, I still have my chance of owning one. My wedding anniversary is on August and we are on our 19th year already. I think I deserve one of these Anniversary Rings. Nineteen years is nineteen years, not all can celebrate 19 years of being together.


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