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Friday, March 25, 2011

Even if how much I want some modern furnishings at home,I just can't at the moment. It would just be off, our interior wasn't made for modern stuff. Well that is just my opinion. But this does not stop me from dreaming that one day I can still have one of these Modern Dining Tables, probably at my second home, a condo unit perhaps. It's free to dream, right? But I have a strong feeling that someday I will have it, if not one of my children. I know they want something modern. They can always Buy Dining Furniture since they can't have what we have right now. It's just not fit for condo living. Hhhmmm, I'm not really sure if they'd go for condo living but sometimes they do talk about it. Question is, will they get used to it? We have a closely knit family so I doubt they will be on their own if they are not married yet. But if time will come that they want to be on their own, I will allow them provided I can see that they are responsible enough to be away from us. Anyway, going back to what we are talking about, even if these Modern Bar Stools don't fit our house, I still want to have one or two of it. I will make it blend, after all it's not impossible to do those things nowadays.


lisa 2:23 PM  

Want to experience living in a condo too.

condo manila

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