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Thursday, July 28, 2011

When my kids were in elementary, I made a friend with one of Moms in school. You see I used to frequent the school a lot especially on lunch breaks because I bring them freshly cooked food every time. Apparently, this Mom I made friends with does the same. We became close and eventually became very good friends. She is an optometrist by profession and her clinic is just near the school. I used to spend a lot of time in her clinic while waiting for the kids to be dismissed. It was there that I was introduced to Oakley products. I was exposed to their eyewear collection more, truth be told. I wasn't really aware that they had more stuff like these oakley bags. You see I am not really a mall person and if ever I go to the malls I go straight to the shops where I am suppose to buy the things that I need. I seldom go around because it's kinda tiring if you know what I mean. Anyway, going back to their bag collection, they do have a large array of bags. I think every bag that we need, they have it in their collection. I had a nice time browsing through their collection. At least I know what brand to buy whenever I need a specialty bag. I do have one in mind already at its the carry on roller bag. I think I'll be needing it for travels. It's the perfect size actually. Then I'm gonna try and save up for the medium and large ones. And there's a large collection of oakley backpacks to choose from too. I wonder if my boy would prefer using backpacks this time. I think he should since he'll be in college soon. I see a lot of college students use backpacks whenever I bring my eldest daughter to school. When we spot a really nice one, my daughter and I would really wonder what brand it is. Then we'd secretly wish to have it in our bag collection...not that we have too many. But yeah, girls just can't get enough bags and shoes too for that matter. I just don't know with other girls who are not into it, but I'm pretty sure they are into something else. But seriously, why can't girls have enough bags and shoes? Is it really that insatiable? And there's one more silly it hereditary? I think my daughter inherited such a trait (trait?) nah, I think it's more of liking from me.


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