Scorching Heat

Friday, July 29, 2011

I heard that summer in the US is really terrible this time. They are experiencing heat wave. Everybody is complaining, I read it in status updates in Facebook, in Twitter and even when I talk with my siblings. It must really be hot, and nobody likes scorching heat, right? I asked them if their Ductless Air conditoners are working fine and they said yes. I guess it must really be that hot. Now they are all looking forward to winter. Well this means only one thing, they'd choose winter over heat wave. Poor people in America. But you know what's funny? Kids seem to enjoy the heat. None of them are complaining in fact they are still out there doing their own thing and enjoying summer. And maybe when they feel the heat, they would come rushing inside their houses and turn on the mini split air conditioner they have. It gives some relief I tell you. This is the reason why I have ductless air conditioner which has an Energy Star Approval installed in each room. I think it's a must for every household living in the tropics...well only if one can afford to buy it and of course to pay for the electricity. But I have rules when it comes to the use of it. I only allow them to use when it's really very hot, otherwise I tell them to just settle using the electric fan. But at nights we really turn it on so that everyone will be well rested. Hhmm, this gives me an idea, why not buy one that has inverter next time so that electric consumption will be lessened. With this, maybe I can extend the use of the a/c. It's nice to start the day when you feel that you have slept really well.


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