On Looking Good

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's best to look pretty every time! That's the way it should be but you know sometimes laziness kicks in. I just don't feel like "dressing up". Dressing up to me is being presentable regardless of where you are and what state you are in. Do you think this is possible? If it's not to you, then you should start working on it. It's one way of feeling good. Do you agree that even in your sleep you still have to look good? What if in the middle of the night there is an emergency or something? It helps if you're "dressed" like probably in a men's scrubs? I am saying this because there was a time that I made scrubs my jammies. It's very comfortable, keeps me warm in an a/c room. I think nowadays scrubs are not confined to hospital settings alone, it can be seen anywhere, right?


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My mother-in-law wears scrub shirts all the time. I never thought they were particularly comfortable, but she must love them.

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