A Beanbag Body

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I've purchased this program from Marie-France in October of 2003, which up to this date i haven't finished...you see, i may look thin but i have problem areas such as my tummy and back...yes, those stubborn fats...arggghhh! after so much follow up from Marie-France peeps, i decided to go today...they gave me a welcome treatment which is endermologie...it's like a non-surgical lipo...boy was it painful, especially in the problem areas...i could only go as high as 5 in tolerance, but it was relaxing though at the back, pretty like a massage... then i went through this fat burning blah blah, i don't really know what it's called, felt like i was electricuted...and while my body have adjusted to it, almost dozed off...and last was the coldest body wrap on earth...was freezing, even requested for a hot bag...oh well, all in the name of vanity...haha...i wish i could go on a regular basis to be able to see some results...with a disgusting body like this, I SHOULD!


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