Back From The Hospital

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Because of excruciating stomach pain, Josh was brought to the hospital on Saturday night. He was sent home from school on Friday afternoon because high fever. We did some home medications thinking that it was just plain diarrhea. Knowing Josh, he has a high tolerance for pain, and when he was already screaming that Saturday night that he could no longer endure it, we decided to bring him to the Emergency of Chinese General Hospital. The doctors wanted to send him home after having his stool exam especially when they found out nothing was wrong, but I insisted on having him confined. Good thing coz they found out in the blood test that there was infection. He was diagnosed as having infectious diarrhea.

I tried to retrace what he took/ate outside the house, coz normally I let my kids eat homecooked food for lunch. I seldom allow them to buy from the canteen. Maybe it was the Lunch Pack he bought in school coz at that time, he didn't like to eat the food prepared for him by the Yaya because of a toothache.

Anyhoo, we are all happy and thankful to the Lord that he is already well now...but will not be back in school until Thursday.

***Until now he hasn't conquered his fear of needles, even if he has undergone a lot of immunizations already. He cries at the sight of a needle and takes a while before the nurses can do their thing.***

***The nurse was harsh and rough...that my son had to scream "OUCH! Miss can you please do it GENTLY? ... She just pulled the surgical tape from my son's hand to be able to remove the IV and didn't consider that probably it might hurt since it was there on Saturday night. She is MEAN!***


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