Face By Belo

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

If there's a tee that goes around saying "Body by Belo", well today, mine is a "Face by Belo".hee. I've been long advised by Cuz to have my skin checked by a Dermatologist, and I've always answered her this way...I don't wanna go to a Derma coz I get breakouts after a facial/cleaning. Then she would always say, don't go when it's already too late, and that as early as now, if I really wanna have a good skin, then this is the right time to go. I actually got encouraged when I saw the results in her, although she has a very good skin already.

Today, I set an appointment with BeloMed to have a Glycopeel Cleaning. While they were doing their thing, I remembered the time I used to go to the Derma some 15 years ago because of acne...I couldn't control the tears flowing down my cheek because of pain. Today I felt that...yeah I have a "dirty" face...whiteheads, blackheads, a few zits(i wonder why I still get these...oh, I have a skin of a teenage...ninja turtle...hee) and a few comedones. It's a good thing that Cuz and her hubby Kuya Rey convinced me last night to go and visit BeloMed. I'm gonna be seeing them again for yet another treatment - Dermabrasion.

"Glycopeel Cleaning is a treatment that makes use of different concentrations of fruit acid applied on the skin to unroof pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and exfoliate dead skin. It is recommended for oily and acne-prone skin (which is soooo me). It can be done every week and the treatment takes 30-45 minutes."


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