Meme: 10 Random Weird Facts About Me

Friday, June 23, 2006

A tag from Rose DesRochers, a published poet and a freelance writer.

1. I unconsciously curl/twist my foot when I'm in bed.
2. I feel uncomfortable sleeping in night gowns (lingeries).
3. I feel comfortable doing the "indian sit" even in restaurants (except fine dining)
4. At 40, I shouldn't be dressing up like how I dress up now. (is that weird?)
5. I don't like to be kissed by N. (he said that!)
6. I enjoy eating rice when it has olive oil and soy sauce on it.
7. I hate cooking rice, coz I can't get the perfect ratio. (rice and water)
8. I keep on buying clothes, bags, shoes, but never get to use all...I just enjoy looking at them.
9. I hate squeezing calamansi (native lemon). i just don't like the smell that stays in my fingers.(thanks for reminding me cuz)
10. I have 2 dogs but I don't like it if they start licking me.

**Whew! I spent countless hours thinking about these weird facts about me...all the while I thought I was normal heh...**


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