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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I surprised Isha today by making her a bed canopy. She has been wanting to have one in her bedroom (I remember her suggesting it while we were still in the planning stage of the new house). When she got home from school, I got a big kiss and a big hug from her, thanking me for what I did. I asked her if she wants me to add some ruffles so it would look more "girlie", to which she declined. But I think I'm gonna add, maybe to spice it up a lil bit.

Here's how I did it: (with the help of the book, Creative Bedroom Decorating)
1. you will need a curtain rod trimmed to 20 inches, mounted centrally above the bed, 6 ft. above the top of the mattress.

2. After the rod was mounted, I hang the cloth on the rod, and let it drape down to the floor, adding about 10 inches more (to the actual measurement) for the top seam and the base hem.

I was able to save a lot of time in cutting, coz I took the measurement first before buying the materials (bought lace curtain material at a very cheap price...yay!). Instead I just folded the cloth into half, left an inch and a half for the frilled casing, and another inch and a half for the rod. It's very easy, you will just stitch the side and the base hems and tada...A BED CANOPY!

**After seeing what I did for his sister's room, I heard my son say "Oh im gonna check my room!" to which I answered, hey! bed canopies are girly stuff...I'm gonna make you another set of curtains instead...sometimes my lil boy gets jealous you know...still my "grown up" baby...


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