How A French Guy Haggles

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The French guy and his Pinay wife

The french guy(FG) together with his pinay wife(PW) went shopping in Greenhills. FG asks how much is the price for the item he liked, and the saleslady goes six hundred and fifty pesos. PW says four hundred eighty pesos...and here's the drama of FG to the saleslady..."I am not a "KANO" (american)...I am a poor guy...My wife took all my money...I have a family to feed..." With so much hesitation, the girl agreed to give it at P480 but with a face you'll take pity on, and when she started waving the 500 peso bill at the goods they we're selling(a custom here in the Philippines if it's your first sale for the day), the PW was moved and just asked the FG to return the 20 peso change. The scene was really hilarious...with the drama and was asked to hide to be able to get that discount compared to Pinay wife haggling at Boracay asking her french hubby to hide, and got a discount of just

Here's the couple I was talking about, Michel and Francesca
, together with Justice (from Singapore) who came to be with her Mom, Cuz and me, having coffee at Starbucks in Theatermall, Greenhills. It was nice spending the afternoon with you guys as usual, everyone had a good laugh, and looking forward to another coffee and shopping experience with you...and we hope it's soon.

**Thanks Michel and Amy for the foodie(pasalubong) you shared with us**


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