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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Have you ever thought that this (a plate for sushi/sashimi and it's matching saucer) could be used in the bathroom? Nope, this is not an original idea of mine, I just copied it from Edsa Shangri-la's pretty cool right? Whenever we stay at hotels, I really observe a lot and try to copy their ideas, from the way they fix the bed, the way the tissue rolls are being done (yeah even that), the way towels are being folded, etc., I just want our home to have that kind of look.

Thanks to the recent travel of my PIL to China, I have a whole new stock of soaps. Cheap you might say, but what the's so hard to find a round soap in the local grocery if you notice, I usually buy mine at Crabtree & Evelyn and I find it here, I got some for free...yehey!

If you guys wanna take a peek at my closet, tada! It took me a day to organize everything, and my FIL even commented when he visited us one time, no wonder it took you a day, everything is nicely put/folded. Nope, I'm not addicted to jeans (can you tell?), hehe...I always have my daughter Isha as an excuse, but really, whenever we go out, she ransacks my closet to find something to wear especially the jeans department and shoes and shirts...hahaha!

This lil brat kept me company while I was at my "cinderella mode".

With everthing expensive nowadays, well I'm still lucky to find this carpet for Isha's room, would you believe I got it only for P1,750? And I bought one for Josh's room too...will have to post pictures of his room soon.

Still a long way to go, we still haven't put the mirrors in the toilet and bath, no hangings on the walls, no curtains, and the lists continues...oh well!


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