Monday, August 14, 2006

Whoa! I look like a professional dressmaker...nope, I'm not sewing a dress yet (i still don't know how), but I'm turning a handwoven blanket to a bedspread. How? Well, I bought that roll of embroidered cloth at Divisoria a few days back, made a skirt, attached it to the blanket...and tada! I now have a bed spread.

It turned out really beautiful, even N liked it a lot. So far i've made three already, one for our bed, another for Josh's bed and the last one for the guest room. I haven't made one for Isha yet coz I ran out of cloth, need to go back to Divisoria to buy another roll.

As promised, I'm sharing pictures of Joshua's room...

When we were still talking about building this house, Josh goes "Mom, can i have a tub in my bathroom? He was the only one who requested for a tub, he's really fond of soaking in water, he does it now once a week, stays in the tub for an hour, just relaxing, and a lot of splashing. I still haven't installed the shower curtain rods in all the bathroom that needs one, I still have to install the curtain rods...aahhhh, still a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, I have to put everything aside, need to teach/help (tutor) the's their exam week! Pfffft!


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