It's My Darling Boy's Birthday

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dear Josh,

I'd like to thank the Lord for giving you and your sister to our lives. You both are our bundle of joy and the apple of our eyes.

You are the person that can make me laugh all the time, even at the height of my anger, you always have a way to make me laugh with your funny statements. I love it when you throw kisses all over my face, I love it too when you lie down on my stomach when we're watching TV or when you simply stay close to me whenever we're in bed. I'm happy when you appreciate my cooking and when you simply say, thanks for the gourmet meal Mom. You always asks me if i'm happy when you bring home your report card and show me your grades, of course I am, I AM VERY HAPPY that you excel in school. This is also one thing that I appreciate in you. You know how to say you're sorry whenever you break my heart...I feel a different kind of high when you say "I LOVE YOU MOM" out of the blue...there are a lot more things you do that make me happy.

Please don't feel bad when your attention is being called. There are a lot of things that you don't seem to understand for now, I know how scared you are at the sight of needles and yet I get mad at you, it's because I want you to get well right away and I can't stand the sight of you being sick. I also get mad or sometimes scream when you take your time when you are being called to eat, it's because this is a very nice way to bond, talk about things that happened in school or just plain conversations. I also get frustrated when you don't concentrate on your studies, it's because I want you to excel. I always hear you say RULES....RULES...RULES...they suck. Please understand that discipline is part of growing up, this is what will mold you to become a better person. We don't set up rules in the house to make life difficult for you, please put that in mind. We all have to go through this, I went through this and I had the same reaction as you have, but now that I am a parent, I understand and I even thank Lolo and Lola (your grandparents) for doing so, coz it made me a better person. I know you'll understand all these when the time comes.

I pray that the Lord will always protect you from harm, that He will always give you good health and strength, that He will give you wisdom, and that He will grant all the desires of your heart. We love you very much Josh.

Happy 11th Birthday!



P.S. Now you see the reason why Dad didn't buy you the GameBoy Micro last Sunday. It's because we wanted to surprise you big time on your birthday. I just loved the look on your face when you got's PRICELESS!


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