Tuesday, December 19, 2006

These are the two struggles I'm facing right now, and I admit it's pretty hard. I started smoking fourteen years ago, on the day I married N. It was like..."sweet, can you light me one please?"...until I learned how to light my own. I didn't like it at first, but just like everyone, I got hooked to it little by little. I've had a few attempts at quitting, when I was operated on in the mouth, had severe cough, and if I start catching my breath. But all these lasted for only two weeks, and here I am back to it again. Two days ago, I decided again to quit, I felt that I couldn't handle the effects of smoking anymore, with just very little activity, I find myself catching my breath, and I get a little dizzy when I start to puff. So this made me decide to try quitting again. Since I started kicking this one bad habit, I might as well kick the other bad habit, that is, sleeping late at night. I normally sleep between 1 or 2 in the morning. I always pinpoint being an insomniac when asked why I sleep that late. But the truth is something is soooo wrong with my body clock and it has adopted to that setting, sleeping at two in the morning and waking up at nine or ten in the morning. It has gotten sooo used to that, that I find it hard to sleep before 12 midnight.

I know I am in the most difficult situation right far I've proven myself for two days and still counting **keeps fingers crossed**, I'm positive that I can do all these by God's grace. Check on me once in a while ok? so I won't forget =)


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