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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I got an early christmas present from my MIL when she came back from her vacation in Canada and the States. It's a slightly used Kenmore Sewing Machine given to her by her cousin. She had me in mind when she got it, probably because she wants me to own one. Yep, the sewing machine i'm using for all my previous projects is owned by my MIL too. Nope, I'm not returning yet the old one I have here, still have to get used to the new's pretty frustrating coz there was no user's manual included. I had to figure out how it's operated, and lil by lil I'm learning which buttons to press, etc. So there...a new sewing machine means more sewing projects in the future...hhhmmm...I'm done with my belly dancing costumes...what's next?


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