Are You A Pleaser?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It is every girls dream to have a perfect family, and it's our tendency to resort to different things just to make it happen. There is a common factor among us girls that stand out, that is us being PLEASERS. We aim to please everyone but ourselves. There is really nothing wrong about pleasing others, but sometimes we overdo it to the point that we lose who we are in the process. We expose ourselves to failure coz all we think about is how to please everyone around us.

To be happy with everyone else, we need to be happy ourselves. We should learn to once again love who and what we are, be able to say NO to things that does not please us. We don't need to sacrifice ourselves just to be able to please others.

I was once a pleaser, I still am, but I already know my limitations. I am lucky that I have N who understands my needs and supports them. I have children who understand that when I say NO it's really NO, of course with a little bargaining =) Now I have time for myself. They let me go out and meet my friends,
N supports my love for belly dancing and it has never been an issue to him. (If you only know how excited he was when I had my first dance performance...he took a video, a video with only me in the frame, haha) There are a lot more things that I can do, but of course I know my limitations. It's really a matter of knowing where and when to stop to be able to have a harmonious family.

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