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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Joshua's yaya (nanny) is on a 2-week vacation. He attempted to sleep by himself on the 1st night but to no avail. He ended up sleeping at 5 in the morning. So we asked him if he wanted to sleep in our room. For a week now, he has been sleeping with us.

We always have a little chitchat before bed talking about this online game that he has been playing. Frustrated that I couldn't even understand what he's talking about, I decided to try it. He gave me a few tips on how to go about it, explained further the dos and don'ts. He even assured me that I'm gonna enjoy the game.

Here are some of our conversations every night:

Me: Are you sure Josh that I can go about it (the game)?
Josh: Of course Mom! And yeah if someone goes to you saying, need bf or need gf, IGNORE them...and besides you're already MARRIED.


Me: Hey Josh...what are runes? (i have not finished the tutorials of the game) Can you tell me where to get it? Can you also tell me where to get some food, etc.
Josh: Sorry Mom, I can't teach you much, you see I'm not a born teacher, and besides I know you can figure it yourself.


Josh: Mom, I can't sleep, I'm bothered by Dad's snoring.
Me: Tap him on the shoulder, and when he moves he'll stop snoring.
Josh: *waiting*
Dad: *snores*
Josh: *taps his shoulder*
Me: I said tap Josh not shake!
Josh: Mom, the tapping did it, he stopped snoring!

~the following night ~
Josh: Dad's not snoring, finally we have some PEACE AND QUIET nor now.
Me: Do you think Dad'd not annoyed by our noise?
Josh: I don't think he hears us...see he's still asleep.


Me: Can you move a little occupy so much space.
Josh: What can I do, I have ABs and MUSCLES.
Me: *gasp* ABs and MUSCLES? Do you know what you are talking about?
Josh: boys can dream too, you know.
Josh: *touching dad's tummy* Mom, I can feel dad's ABs, open close quotation.


*These are some of the many funny conversations we have every night, sometimes it takes us an hour before hitting the sack.*


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