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Monday, April 16, 2007

This is the second time I missed watching a Pacman fight on tv, but I tell you it was worth it. We woke up at 5 in the morning to get ready for the Tour of the Fireflies. I don't normally eat breakfast but this time I did. I followed N's advise of having cereals, milk and banana. I dressed up to my improvised bike outfit (I can't find a jersey that fits to a T), put on my helmet and off to Tiendesitas, the starting point. It was overwhelming to see thousands of bikers, all joining for a good cause.

We took off a little after 8, everyone as excited as me. We cruised thru C5 all the way to Ayala Ave. We got stuck in the corner of Makati Ave., creating a little traffic to the annoyance of the commuters. Cars started blowing horns, this time to the annoyance of the bikers, and to answer to all those honking, bikers started going wooooooooooo...it was fun =) It turned out there was a water station halfway thru Makati Ave. and Paseo de Roxas. There was just too many bikers to fit the stretch between those streets.

Then we continued cruising, passing thru Buendia all the way to Roxas Blvd. Pitstop was suppose to be at Quirino grandstand, but the trees in Roxas Blvd. was just inviting thus the major pitstop (more like 20 mins). Then we went past Luneta, all the way to Quiapo (gosh I had a hard time, crossing the bridge, it was uphill you know) then passing the whole stretch of Espana. There was another water station, so we stopped for like 10 mins. again. Then proceeded passing E. Rodriguez, turned right at Gilmore. From Gilmore, we went straight to Ortigas Extension. I was really happy when I saw Greenhills, coz it means that we were getting nearer to Tiendesitas, but lo and behold, the group turned left to Santolan. I was thinking hmmmm maybe we'll take Edsa, indeed we took Edsa, but instead we turned left going all the way to Araneta Center for a turnover ceremony of the newsletter. There I found out that we were about 5,000. From Araneta, we passed by a street which I was not really very familiar with, all the way to Green Meadows. I felt kinda tired and was feeling all the heat when we were nearing Tiendesitas. I shifted my gear coz it was uphill again and was on a relaxed mode. The biker on my right thought that I was giving up and he told me Ma'am we're almost there, it was very encouraging. Upon reaching the gate in Tiendesitas, we were welcomed by a firetruck, sprinkling water on all the bikers. YES! I DID IT! And I'm GOING to DO it AGAIN!

all tired after the ride


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