Feminine Color

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I don't normally go for bloody red nail polish, but then I thought I could use some color to go with my gown during the birthday celebration of my FIL. So when we went to have our hair done at Salon de Manila, I decided to have my nails done too. Isha was soooo envious and wanted hers done too. But to achieve it, she needed fakies, bwaaaahhh. Anyways, I chose blardy red, at that time I found it sexy. But when I got home, guess who made the 1st comment? It was my son Josh. He said something like, "Hey Mom, I don't like the color of your nails...you could have used a more feminine color, say "fenk" (pink)." Heehee, that's how we say pink in this household - "fenk", and it tickles us "fenk" whenever we say that word!


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