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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Conversations such as this occur when I'm the one behind the wheels, and I just can't help but laugh ^_^

Josh: Mom, how big is our family? (him referring to the V family)
Me: Your dad has 2 brothers, and 3 sisters...
Josh: Lolo(grandpa) must have abused Mama(grandma)
Me: **Gasp** And why do you say that?
Josh: well 5 kids, eh us 2 kids only...
Me: What if I have another baby?
Josh: Nooooooooooo
Me: and why not?
Josh: I'll get jealous! All your attention will be on the baby.
Me: Of course not, I play fair.
Josh: **quiet**
Me: And why are you quiet?
Josh: I was thinking that if you have a baby again, I'll just leave and stay with Lolo.
Ate (nanny): Di na pwede mag anak si Mommy Josh (Your mom can't have another baby)
Josh: And why not?
Me: well i'm old to have a baby.
Josh: what about Isaac and Sarah?
Me: *started laughing** What about?
Josh: Sarah was already old when she had a baby

**Conversation ended here...time for church**


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