No Longer My Baby

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I just noticed recently that his voice changed, a little deeper now, no longer a child's. He's 11 and in the 6th grade, now more aware of beautiful girls around him. He came home one time, asking me what "on" means. Duh, it's the opposite of off I tell him. And he was like, duh I know that Mom, I'm referring to the other "on" thing. I actually did not expect the other "on" word. So I made him use it in a sentence. "Mommy, meron ka-"on" yung classmate ko." Oh, so that's the "on" word he was talking about. I told him that it's a word used by pinoy youngsters referring to girlfriend/boyfriend. And his sister explained further. Gasp! my daughter knows more than I expected. Really, maybe I'm just in the denial stage, I still couldn't quite accept that my kids are growing up real fast. Josh has grown a little taller, and he's starting to have zits in his face. Oh no! He's not my baby anymore! But he says, he still is, he does not forget hugging me and planting kisses on my face and with that I am very happy.


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