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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I have been encouraging my children to go into sports. As it is now, they are not really involved in any regular sports activities. All they do is use the internet 24/7. I see the need for everyone to get into any kind of sports. It will not only help you get into good physical condition, but it would keep you away from bad vices. I always stress this out with my children. My son started going into badminton, but I cannot really make him do it on a regular basis. I asked my daughter Ish what kind of sports activity she wants to go into, and she mentioned that she wants to try soccer. They have soccer in school which is part of their PE, but they only teach the basics. I don't think they have a complete soccer equipment to start with. Maybe I can enrol her to a summer soccer clinic come April. If only we live in a subdivision with a field big enough to play amateur soccer, then it wouldn't be a problem. Meantime, I will try and get them portable Soccer Goals, so they can play with their cousins and just have fun every weekend. This would be a great bonding moment among cousins. At they same time they will be able to brush up the techniques they learned in school.


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