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Monday, September 17, 2007

The hardest part when it comes to editing a video is the captioning portion. I should know, because whenever our editor does his thing, I often sit it out with him, and checking once in a while his work especially if the idea of the whole video is mine. I just want to make sure that the outcome from the storyboard I gave, is what I would see in his output. We would always spend time arguing where and which part of the screen the captions should be placed. Of course I wouldn't want it placed anywhere, sacrificing some of the onscreen graphics, just to be able to come up with the clients' request for a caption. Maybe we can hire the services of for their closed captioning. We can send them the copy of our edited video and just leave the captioning with them. It's totally different when it's being done by people whose forte is captioning. They just know the right places where captioning can be placed without sacrificing online graphics.


Therese 11:24 PM  

Closed captioning is so wonderful when it's done right!

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