35% more when you SELL

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Do you own an endowment policy? Just what exactly is an endowment policy? As far as I know, endowment policy is some kind of a life assurance contract where you get a lump sum in case of death, or after a specified term. It depends on the policy contract you have agreed upon with the company upon signing. There are contracts that include illness as a condition in the payout. This policy can be surrendered and you will be paid the surrender value depending on how long the policy has been running and how much you have been able to pay. Normally when you surrender it prior to the stipulations in the contract, they pay you a lesser amount, because they have to adjust some things. You have an option actually. Why not sell endowments? By doing this, you get the chance to have 35% more rather than surrender it with the company where you got this policy. And why? Because this company who offers to buy your endowment policy is an expert in selling endowment policies. Their service ensures you get the best exposure to endowment buyers. There are a lot of reasons why people sell their endowment policies. They sometimes use the money to pay off debts, they need money for a business venture, they want their houses renovated, etc. So the next time you need cash, consider selling your endowment policy rather than surrendering it, you get 35% more with the previous.


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