Benefits of Sauna

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Before I was really wondering why my friend enjoys using the sauna every time she's done working out. At first I could not understand why she has to go through the torture of "steaming" herself, when she could have a nice cold shower after her workout. Then I asked her what benefits can she get from using it. She enumerated the Health Benefits of Sauna. Topping her list is weight control. Did you know that when you use the sauna, you burn calories? Yes, the calories you burn is equal to a 30 minute jog or run. She said she's rather sit it out in the sauna room rather than jog or run. It also helps tighten the skin and gets rid of cellulite. She also mentioned that it increases blood circulation. This friend of mine is involved in strenuous physical activity, and she claims that being in the sauna eases or relieves joint muscle pain and stiffness. So this could also benefit people who are suffering from arthritis. It could also be a treatment for people suffering from sprains, muscle spasm, and other muscular-skeletal ailments. It can also remove toxins and mineral wastes since you sweat a lot. She has been convincing me to use the sauna too, since it helps in reducing stress and fatigue. Knowing this friend of my who is a health buff, she wouldn't be recommending things that are not beneficial to ones health.


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