Fruitful Week

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wahoo! I'm done with tutoring, 2nd Grading Periodical Test Week is over. It was a very toxic week, I didn't know how I managed. I always had to wake up early, to prepare lunch meal for the kids, checked the reviewers, tutor the kids after lunch, start preparing for the evening meal, teach them again after dinner. My only time to do sponsored posts was when everyone's already settled and asleep. It's so hard to do sponsored posts in between bloghopping. So I always end up sleeping at 2 in the morning.

Friday was a treat for me. I was able to sleep until 10 in the morning. Ahhhh it feels good. In the afternoon, I went to Union Bank to open an eon visa cyber account which has a tie up with paypal. Hopefully all the payments for the sponsored thingy will be credited to this account. Thanks to Rowena, I actually read it in one of her twitter messages. Although I already opened one with Security Bank, I just wasn't sure if it had a tie up with paypal.

I was able to attend belly dancing class too. I missed 2 sessions already and was happy to be back. We had our bonding moment after class when we had dinner at Tempura with my dancing buddies. Too bad Rica wasn't able to join us, miss you girlfriend!


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