Butterfly Kisses

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I’ve been getting a lot of “butterfly kisses” from my darling boy lately, he has been soooo sweet, often embracing me too. One day he hugged me tight, and threw kisses left and right. I didn’t react coz I know he needed something from me. Then he said, “Mom, are you not gonna ask what’s the catch?” I said nope! He hugged me tighter and said, “Mom can I ask for 500 pesos for my level up card?” And I was like what? Mom does not have enough moolah. And he goes, “who says, you are in the number one spot of the top earner of the day and now you say you don’t have moolah?” Haha, me and my big mouth, I couldn’t stop myself from showing him that page where I was in the number one spot. And he said “for pete’s sake, I was only asking for 500 every holiday, and how many holidays are there in a year?” I was tongue tied, now I owe him 500 for November 1 which is All Souls Day, hehe, yeah, this one included in his holiday list.

**I don’t know if I have to get angry with him for saying “for pete’s sake”, but as it is I found it funny!**


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