Dream Vacation House

Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's been my dream to have at least one vacation house near a beach. I really love beaches as far as I can remember. I always get excited whenever there's a planned getaway especially if the destination would be in a beautiful beach. If given the chance, or if ever our family can already afford to buy a vacation house, I'd prefer to have W South Beach Condo located in South Florida. This would be the perfect getaway for the family. Florida is known for a lot of things including a very good weather and of course the theme parks and the beautiful beaches. There will never be a dull moment whenever in Florida because there is always so much to do. And the location of the condo is just perfect, just as what I have dreamed of, the beachfront. And not only that, it's just a few minutes walk or a few minutes away to some of the most popular hot spots. Heavenly isn't it?

I know this is really a big dream, a dream I want realized anytime soon. Hmmm, that means we have to work harder and start saving for it now, it's all worth it.


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